How to order?

Way of order

You can order our publications through a book shop or directly from us. Kindly contact us by e-mail, postmail, fax or telephone, giving your name, address, e-mail address, and the book titles you would like to order. For up to five titles you can also use the order form (an e-mail address is required).

We will calculate the forwarding charges (free within Germany) and inform you about the total amount. Upon receipt of the due amount the books will be delivered.

Way of payment

$  For customers from Germany and the European Union

Bank transfer into our German bank account:

Bank: Sparda-Bank Hessen
IBAN: DE64 5009 0500 0005 0331 70
Acc. holder: Mitsuyo Demoto-Hahn

$  For customers from Japan

Bank or postal transfer into our Japanese bank account with Yûcho Bank

$  For customers from the other countries

We cannot process credit card payments.
Kindly use PayPal if you would like to pay with your credit card.